Beginner Programs

  • Learn:
    1. Spontaneous Meditation 
    2. To prepare and use Highly Polarized Home Remedies for your family and friends
    3. Principles and Practice of Pendulum System
    4. Use of pendulum for information management pertaining to:- 
    i) Health (Medical Diagnostics, Finding Business Solutions / Problem Areas, Teletherapy (distance healing), ii) Business Enquiry / Negotiation / Performance,iii) Improving/Analyzing Marriage, Relationships, Compatibility, Career Options, Lost and missing persons, etc. iv) Appraisal and improvement of Geopathic Stress Zones of land and/or buildings
  • Find answers to all such questions ... And More – Within Seconds ... What..? Where..? When..? How..? Why..? ..Should I employ him…? .. % more effort required..?
  • Find Root Cause
  • Give Teletherapy (Distance Healing) to your Network


    Your Beginners kit contains

    1. One bullet Shaped stone pendulum for querying
    2. One ball shaped PyrAmid © instrumet for dowsing and meditation
    3. Calibration Charts - 2 Nos. A-4 size and 1 pocked sized chart
    4. Pre-energized teletherapy slips
    5. Pre-energized dowsing slips
    6. Interpretation of Caliberation Charts - E-Manual

    Contribution: Rs. 4,500.00

The contribution includes the beginners kit with 2 sessions of personal training of half day each. All queries for outstation students would be attended to by email only. 

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