Meditation Program (1Day)


In this meditation program your several queries like:

  1. Purpose of Life
  2. Why Meditation?
  3. How to meditate?
  4. Where to meditate?
  5. When to meditate?
  6. Obstacles in Meditation.
  7. Why our Mind resists Meditation?
  8. The constituents of mind.
  9. How to regulate our mind.
  10. Can the debt of "Karma" be redeemed by indulging in "Karma"?
  11. How Meditation results-in elimination of "karmic-debts" ?
  12. Why our "Karmic-Debts" doesn’t get redeemed up-on death?
  13. Why Meditation can-be done only in Human-Form?
  14. Why Human-Form is regarded to-be the most Supreme-Form?
  15. What is sleep? Why do we sleep? Why do we feel tired at the end of the day?
  16. Why do we wake-up feeling tired-sleepy on some-days?
  17. Why do we wake-up feeling fresh-energetic on some-days?
  18. What is the difference between Meditation, Death and Deep-Sleep?

would be answered.

Plus you'll be provided with a Kit which includes:

Pre-Energized PyrAmid © Health Kit, Meditation Mat and Personal Training. Also Includes Energy Treatment / Clearing of Chakras for reaching higher levels.

Contribution: Rs. 7500.00

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