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I have to go out very often to attend meetings all over India. Last month I was to go to Hyderabad to attend the executive meeting of All India Association for Christian Higher Education, Mr. Betai dowsed about my personal safety for undertaking such a trip. He said traveling was fine but the place of our stay and the venue was not satisfactory because of Extreme Geopathic Stress. I carried with me Pyramid Energy Instruments supplied by Mr. Betai for my protection.


The meeting went fine. Later we found through local people that the place was indeed `haunted' one due to suicide committed in that place in the past. So the Geopathic Stress Zone corrections had a definitive positive result.
This is to certify that on/about 5th November '96 in one of the class rooms (of Seth Padamchand Jain Institute of Management, Khandari, Agra, Affiliated to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra, where M.B.A. full time and part time courses, are being conducted;) The Geo-Bio Energy Level (Geopathic Stress Zones) were harmonized and enhanced using Pyramid Energy Instruments by Mr. Betai of Modern Vastu (Energy) Science, Agra.


Immediately after this it was observed that the attendance and attention level of the students in that particular classroom improved considerably as compared to the past period in respect of the same batch of students.
I have got the Geo-Bio Energy fields of all my business and residence premises harmonized and energized from Modern Vastu (Energy) Science a few months back.


Ever since the Geopathic Stress Zone corrections as mentioned above have been done without any shifting or demolition, the tension and fatigue have virtually gone from my family members system. The business has picked up and is more enjoyable than before.


Several Business problems for which no solution appeared to be possible have been handeled beautifully and resolved amicably.


I have also experienced the beneficial results of Cosmopathy practiced by Mr. Betai, for myself my family and relations, in several health disorders with excellent results.


After my experience I have recommended Cosmopathy and Modern vastu (Energy) Science to several of my staff members, relatives and friends. They all have been benefitted in a similar way.


Modern Vastu (Energy) Science is much simpler, extremely economical and significantly more beneficial than the traditional Vaastu Shastra.


I recommend Coasmopathy and Pyramid Energy Instruments of Modern Vastu (Energy) Science to all concerned who desire to benefit from Harmony between himself and Nature and regain Health and Happiness without drugs.
Dear Mr Kirti Betai,


How are you. Hope you and your family are in the the best of health and spirit. I wish to sincerely thank you for all the improvements and positive developments, my family and myself are experiencing since the placement of Pyramid Energy Instruments for Geopathic Stress Zone Corrections in our farm in Pardi, Gujarat. We had placed these instruments as per your instructions in June 1999.


Before placement of these instruments we had low yeild of fruits (especially mangoes) and crop. There was constant labour problems as well as interferences from the neibhouring farmers.


After rectification of the Geopathic Stress Zones there have been significant changes.


The seasonal fruit yield namely mangoes and chikoos is increasing steadily every year by about 15 - 20 %.There has been a noticeable enhancement in the size as well as taste of the fruits.


The rice crop yield has increased by approximate 1/4 the quantity it used to be before placement of Pyramid Energy Instruments. It is interesting to note that each rice grain size and quality gets even better with each crop season.


For many years I had tried to grow vegetables for commercial purpose but each time was disappointed am happy to inform you that since about 6 months I have very successful results growing varied vegetables like tomatoes, coriander, brinjals, spinach, ladies fingers, white and pink pumpkins and chilies. We sell the produce in Valsad, Vapi and Bombay markets. Due to the high quality of these vegetables in appearance (colour and texture), taste and quantity we are being able to make good profits.


The most interesting fact is that after several failed attempts prior to Geopathic stress zone corrections, we have now been successful in growing American Corn. The quality and taste is incomparable. Each corn cob is covered completely with corn which is tender and sweet in taste.


I am proud to inform you that we are the only ones able to grow such fine American corn in the vicinity.


Seeing these results I am encouraged to further experiment to grow Pink cabbage and yellow and red peppers. I will keep you informed of the results.


Another area of immense relief has been the sudden in flux of skilled labour .The old field workers who had earlier quit and were refusing to return, resumed work almost within the first 2 months of placing the Pyramid Energy Instruments. Labour problems started getting sorted out slowly giving way to a more conducive and harmonious working environment.


Problems and interferences from the neighboring farmers has stopped completely.


The most important happening has been the completion of the construction of the farm house.We had started the project in the year 1990 but had been stalled for several years after the basic structural framework construction. After geopathic stress zone corrections this project once again picked up momentum and is now complete with beautiful landscaping all around the house.


Last but not the least I would like to thank you for rectifying the energy field of the farm as it now attracts my younger daughter to visit the farm willingly and cheerfully which she would refused to do since her childhood days. She also does not suffer from the severe skin allergy she used to on her every visit to the farm prior to rectification.


I once again appreciate all your efforts you and your family have made to make our each stay at the farm a joyous one. We invite you all to visit the farm and experiance the same.


Thaking you,


yours sincerely,


Mr Ramdas Sanghvi
Modern Vastu (Energy) Science is much simpler, extremely economical and significantly more beneficial than the traditional Vaastu Shastra.
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problems in vastu
written by ritu , January 23, 2008

what if the corners are in disha and disha's are in corner my rooms i want to place accordingly to vastu aren't coming right .please help.

Response from Premal Betai: Once the pyramid energy instruments are placed in your premises, every square inch would be vibrating with positive energy. Thereafter, the geographical directions and/or corners would not have any role to play for rectifying the vastu of the place.
Are your pyramids special?
written by Arjun Gupta , January 07, 2009

Their are pyramid products in the market made of different material, also how a pyramid has to be made is written. Can anybody make a pyramid and install it himself. What color should the pyramid be of. What materiel has been chosen to be best. One kirlian photograph says aluminum is not suited. I have a 70 acre farm that needs to be energized, and a refinery in 5 acres which i wrong according to vaastu.

Response from Premal Betai: Energy is the result of shape, size, colour, material and its angle.
The number and combination of specific pyramids required for a specific objective can be doused and informed to you. You could write an email or simply submit the free consultation section so we could provide you with the necessary information.
pyramid self making
written by vaishali , December 24, 2009

I am located in uae, and it is bann to get such products here, can you please tell me what colour, size pyramid i can make for both my home and shop


Response from Premal Betai: You could select different shaped articles (that donot resemble a pyramid) from the E-store that may permitted to be received in your country.
vaastu consultant
written by richa , August 02, 2010

Its very nice information for vaastu consultant.

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