Pendulum Dowsing

The pre-energised pendulum from Modern Vastu (Energy) Science, Agra (India) was used alongwith pre-energised cards to guide us in Rourkela Steel Plant for taking judicious decisions in our Maintenance activities.


After undergoing required training in the Institute in Feb'2000, on Pendulam dowsing, I decided to practise it on un-animated things for better fore-cast compared to human beings who are free to exercise their reasoning powers and update their future plans. Few such instances are mentioned hereunder:


1) In our mixed gas circuit (which is a fuel gas) one compressor (expansion joint) had got corroded and gas had started leaking. The leakage had begun around 10 AM. I visited the site around 3 PM alongwith my boss. The extent of leakage was really alarming. We did not have a spare compensator at that time nor taking shutdown of that stretch of pipeline was easy because it called for stoppage of gas supply to core units of the plant thus affecting production. But at the same time, leakage at that rate could not be permitted due to safety reasons.


I found out from pendulum on the spot that we would have to take shutdown of the line next day which would not be postponed under any circumstance. At the same time, pendulum also cautioned that with that amount of gas leakage there existed a safety hazard. On this information, we approached our General Manager and Executive Director (Works) and planned for a shutdown next day. However, in the very night, around 03.30 am, the leaky compensator caught fire of its own and we were forced to take shutdown as advised by Pendulum in the morning.


We did a mistake by not taking serious exception of the warning given by Pendulum regarding existence of a safety hazard.


2)In our Cold Rolling Mill Complex, a mixed gas shutdown for Hood Annealing group D was planned and a detailed safety protocol was drawn in consultation with all concerned agencies including Energy Management Deptt. (EMD). The procedure envisaged closure of few valves and blanking/debanking operations. This necessitated stoppage of gas supply to other groups viz. Group A and B during banking/deblanking activities, thus affecting production. However, this was approved by concerned General Manager.


Just one day before the proposed shutdown day, I was asked by my boss to visit the site and assess the preparedness of CRM people. During discussion with concerned executives of CRM, a hand-sketch of layout of mixed gas lines in CRM indicating location of various isolating valves was presented. I immediately took out pendulum from the pocket and held it over the valves which were decided to be closed for isolation. And to my surprise, it indicated one of the valves to be leaking to the extent of about 40%. Other valves, which CRM officers had known to be leaking were indicated by pendulum to he holding. I informed them accordingly, which was very difficult for them to accept. I offered to physically check the condition of the valve reported to be leaking about 40% and we found that the spindle of 400 mm dia valve was outside by about 150 mm. On enquiry, it was told that the valve was not getting closed further. The status of this valve could be known by pendulum by sitting in a room.


Later on, they followed the advice of pendulum and completed the job safely without affecting production in group A & B of Hood Annealing.


3)The steam lines are cladded with insulating materials having specified thickness and bulk density. These parameters are designed considering permissible surface temperature and steam temperature and pressure.


At two different locations, on two different steam lines having nominal pipe size as 150 mm and 65 mm, new insulations were provided in our plant. The job was executed through a private agency and he was aware of the type and nature of material to be used and the thickness of insulation required. The main contractor sub-let the job to a third agency who is normally doing this type of work in different departments of the Plant. Seeing his vast experience in the field, the main contractor was not very particular in strict supervision of the job. The insulating material is protected from environmental effect by covering it with aluminum or G.P. sheets.


The sub-agency had used inferior quality of material with less than required thickness and then covered it with G.P. Sheets to give a false impression that required thickness has been provided. I used the pendulum to detect that


* at both the locations the materials used was different than what was originally used/was supposed to be used as per design. * the thickens of insulating material was less than the designed thickness thus allowing more heat-loss.


These information could be obtained even though the surfaces were covered with GP sheets and the main contractor was also not aware of these.


On grilling, the sub-contractor confirmed the findings of the pendulum and agreed to rectify the job.


4)We have one 800 mm diameter manually operated gate valve installed on mixed gas circuit. In one occasion, we were required to close this valve. We had deployed 7-8 persons who applied various leverage to close the valve but in vain. Then I used the pendulum to help us out. It indicated that it was possible to close the valve and after closing, for all practical purposes, it would hold. I found that the valve was not closing because of dust deposit along the guide which could be melted by steaming.


We , then started putting steam in the valve through a one inch valve and after steaming for about 8 hrs, the valve could be closed and we did the required job successfully.


5)In another occasion, we had put a blank (slipper plate) at one of the flange joints of a compensator. The senior most non-executive was personally involved in getting the job done. After the gas line was charged, I intended to know the soundness of bolting through pendulum. It indicated that there was some gas leakage through flange joint. On further investigation it was revealed that the bolts had been tightened full but due to damage to the packing material the gas was leaking.


Later on, my senior most non-executive confirmed the findings.
On 27-1-97, I was gone into unbearable pain in my stomach, I immediately rushed to a senior surgeon. He checked and told me that the pain was due to Appendix and the solution is only immediate operation. I went to meet Mr. Betai to take his opinion also. He dowsed and told me that the pain was not due to Appendix but there is problem in liver and there is no need to go for operation.


After thinking thinking, I had taken a strong decision to take Cosmotherapy treatment and not go for operation. I was fit after ten days of treatment and till today the problem is not repeated. Later on it was confirmed by the test of pathology and Ultra Sound that the problem was in the liver and not Appendix which was told to me by Mr. Betai on first day.


I feel very Thankful to God to give me new life by the help of Mr. Betai through Cosmopathy treatment and I hope he will treat the people those suffering from untolerable problems and depend on heavy medicine.
During our meeting we had discussed the case of the daughter of one of my friends from Paris who has a mental problem resulting in very retarded growth - she has a health index of no.9. I have been sending her teletherapy since around the 10th of april and I am very happy to inform you that she is reacting very positively to this, a fact which my friend advised me today itself by phone. I am overjoyed that with this new form of learning I can really help people to get rid of physical and mental ailments. My practice is on at least twice daily on a regular basis. Melanie, that is her name is now making a lot of efforts herself to overcome her disability.


I once again thank you for imparting this knowledge to me.
I have to go out very often to attend meetings all over India. Last month I was to go to Hyderabad to attend the executive meeting of All India Association for Christian Higher Education, Mr. Betai dowsed about my personal safety for undertaking such a trip. He said traveling was fine but the place of our stay and the venue was not satisfactory because of Extreme Geopathic Stress. I carried with me Pyramid Energy Instruments supplied by Mr. Betai for my protection.


The meeting went fine. Later we found through local people that the place was indeed `haunted' one due to suicide committed in that place in the past. So the Geopathic Stress Zone corrections had a definitive positive result.
My Sister In Law Mrs. Anju Jain aged 30, residing at Jammu is suffering Hernia. Recently she was pregnant and the doctors were of the view that she will not be able to have a normal delivery.


However, when we consulted Mr. K. H. Betai., he dowsed and told us that she can have a normal delivery if she follows Cosmopathy advice.


She followed the advice for about 4 months, and she had a normal delivery without having been operated upon for Hernia.
I cannot imagine my life without Pendulum Dowsing (Modern Vastu (Energy) Science Equipments-Pyramids). I would totally feel lost without these. Pyramids are like light for me without which I would be totally blind. Pyramids are the best thing that has happened in my life. For all my important decisions, I take help and guidance from the Pendulum.


I have a few experience that I would like to share and they are as follows:-


My daughter was pregnant and the doctor told her to abort the child because some medical reports suggested that the baby might have some genetic fault. I consulted my Modern Vastu (Energy) Science guruji Sri. K. H. Betai and he dowsed and informed us not to worry at all as the baby was normal as per dowsing. My daughter delivered a normal baby girl in December 1998 in USA.


Once I was doing Interiors of a room in my hotel Park Lane at Dadar, Mumbai, India. I checked the room with the help of my Pendulum. The dowsing showed that the room was not complete. Actually there was no monsoon shed over the windows from external side. With the guidance from Pendulum Dowsing, we completed the same.


The Pendulum is my guide and Philosopher and helps me in every aspect of my life. It is my humble request to request that to please have faith in Pendulum Dowsing and Pyramids and believe me your life will undergo much changes which will be fantastic for you and your family.


In short it will give you Health, Happiness and Harmony.


Best of luck to all readers and viewers.
I Thank God, profusely, for granting me the blessings of Pendulum Dowsing and Pyramid Energy Healing and Learning!


May God grant Best of Blessings to Betai Family!


I am lucky to have a memorable stay in Agra during this training.


I look forward to use of both these arts for common man's upliftment.


Mr. Premal Betai's training was wonderful and In Depth.


KUDOS to Betai Family!


Thanks and Regards!
I was suffering from severe pain in the whole of the right side of the abdomen. The local doctor advised an ultrasound. The diagnosis was `Acute Appendicitis'. I approached a surgical specialist who advised immediate surgery. At the hospital I was re-examined and a fresh ultrasound was done. The problem was rediagnosed as `Colitis' and I was advised medication accordingly.


In view of the conflicting diagnosis my wife approached Mr. Betai on telephone who dowsed and informed us that there was no evidence of appendicitis. He advised certain home remedies and increase in intake of water. After having followed the advice strictly, I now feel fine and much fitter than before.
Most important is the new level of awareness I feel relating to sustaining my power. Manifesting precisely what is right from moment to moment is an entirely new event and I am in a secure and conscious place with this new skill (although I have been startled by a few of the examples since my return)... My skin is turning tan and stiffness from so much plane travel is gone.
Many Greetings Premal,


Today Morning I got a call from my fellow office mate for whom I did dowsing. He said your dowsing hit 100% on the spot.


He asked me to dowse for the new shop business he started at his street. He already had a poultry business too since long time.


I took following details from him: Name/Date of Birth,place& where he currently stays plus signature and his photo. He also gave me his plot number where he had his new shop setup.


Upon dowsing (as per your method and pre energised business chart) on that plot the results were going straight to No Response. Especially on growth of business No response came . I was wondering whether i was wrong so did couple of times but got same answer all the time. Because when I asked for percentage it always went straight to No Response. I was wonder struck why all the time it went to straight to No response.


Finally i just told him the answer looks no all the time - no growth or profit in new shop business.


I also dowsed for poultry business if it can flourish on that plot and it said - 100%


Today he messaged me confirming my dowsing to be right 100% because he gave me by mistake poultry business plot number.


I was happy to hear that the system if followed properly worked well. This is my first success within short period of starting your beginner's course.


My friend has now asked me to dowse again on shop without plot number and he wants to invest in another new business venture also and he said he believed in my system as it gave accurate results.


I knew nothing about his business I just dowsed from the information he gave me. Am happy.


Many thanks,


Mahesh Shravan

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