Pyramid Energy House

Pyro Med, The Pyramid Energy House


PyroMed© is the world's first and only pre-energized, highly polarized, and saturated Energy Correction System, which reduces Geopathic Stress from land and buildings to the extent of 98% within one week of installation.

If a non-pre-energized, un-polarized and un-saturated PyrAmid © is installed upon land and building having Geopathic Stress, then such PyrAmid © would aggravate the Geopathic Stress and may cause severe health and behavioral problems leading to deteriorated life performance.

It is well known that the energy nucleus of PyrAmid © exists at 1/3rd the height of the PyrAmid ©. The energy nucleus of the PyroMed© fills the entire PyroMed©space and does not exist only at 1/3rd the height. Thus the whole PyrAmid © Space is useful.

Given hereunder is the comparative values of 'Energy Index' of the PyroMed©, the Great Giza PyrAmid ©, and the famous Bahai Lotus Temple in Delhi, India.

  1. PyroMed© size 50' × 50' × 31' = Energy Index 100 % Positive
  2. The Great Giza PyrAmid © [Current] = Energy Index 50 % Positive due to structure mutilation.
  3. The Great Giza PyrAmid © [Original] = Energy Index 99.99 % Positive
  4. Lotus Temple = Energy Index 40 % Positive

Energy index is the weighted average of Energy Quantum, Energy Configuration, Energy Density and Energy Function.

PyroMed© with an energy index of 100 is the perfect energy healing center for each and every disease, disorder, and ailment that afflicts man kind; subject to the patient's 'Potential Recovery Index'. Potential Recovery Index is the weighted average of the patient's age, history of personal / family physical and emotional health condition, occupation, food habits and life style. Geopathic Stress severely impairs, impedes, and inhibits Potential Recovery Index.

Geopathic Stress is comprised of energy force fields of natural radiation that rises up through the earth, natural and man-made electro-magnetic systems, subterranean running water, subterranean metal and mineral concentrations, subterranean and cosmic radioactive radiations, fault lines and underground cavities. The disturbed wavelengths of the natural radiation are harmful to all living organisms.

Electro pathological energy created by modern technology like televisions, computers, mobile phones, micro wave ovens etc. also contribute to Geopathic Stress. Other contributions to Geopathic Stress come from high and low frequency energy of telecommunication towers, electricity pylons, transformers, and radar and radio towers.

Geopathic Stress Zones have a range of influence from 2 to 200 feet, and reach a height of 600 to 30,000 feet. Their direction is random and may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. When natural radiation rises through the earth, its wavelength becomes distorted.

Geopathic Stress has been found to be the common factor in many serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, especially those conditions in which the immune system is severely compromised and includes cancer, MS, AIDS, tuberculosis, meningitis, MD, kidney and gallstones, rheumatism, heart and circulation problems as well as Depression, Insomnia, Suicide, high blood pressure, and resistance to treatment.

Geopathic Stress zone is also the common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, and in most children with learning difficulties and behavioral problems.

Other potential problems due to Geopathic Stress Zone includes: cardiovascular deficiency, attention deficit disorder, immune deficiency disorders, and chronic fatigue. Some lesser effects of influence are chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability, and restless sleep. It is also a common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages.

The major issue is an increased risk of cancer. While Geopathic Stress Zone may not directly cause cancer, it weakens the body and makes it much more likely to acquire cancer. Studies have shown that over 85% of patients who die from cancer had regular exposure to Geopathic Stress Zones.

Sleeping in a Geopathic Stress Zone is particularly stressful. During sleep your brain is supposed to rest half the time and is busy healing your body the other half. However, if you are exposed to Geopathic Stress Zone during sleep the brain never receives the full rest it requires to repair and regenerate. To have optimal health it is important to make certain you are not living / working in one of the Geopathic Stress Zones.

Late Dr. Hans Nieper, M.D., [Germany ] the world-renowned cancer and MS specialist who managed one of the largest MS practices in the world, stated that 92% of all his cancer patients and 75% of his MS patients were exposed to Geopathic Stress Zones.

Dr. Von Pohl proved to the Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin, almost 60 years ago, that one was unlikely to get cancer unless one was exposed Geopathic Stress Zones for some time.

Dr. Hager, M.D., found that exposure to Geopathic Stress zone was present in all 5,348 cancer cases under investigation.

The German physicist Dr. Robert Endros studied this question with Professor KE Lotz of the School of Architecture of Biberach (West Germany). Their analysis of 400 deaths due to cancer revealed that 383 cases were related to dwelling - over geological faults, underground water veins and disturbances of the natural geomagnetic field.

PyrAmid © in Greek stands for: [Pyro = Energy] [Amid = Center] [PyrAmid © = Energy Center (Nucleus)]. Each animate and inanimate matter is a unique energy system having an energy nucleus. But the energy nucleus of every energy system is not polarized, and saturated [inert]. i.e. during their interactions they undergo change.

Each energy system continually interacts with its surrounding energy environment through radiations of their energy waves within their energy force fields. Surrounding environment is made up of the sum-total of the energy force fields of numerous animate and inanimate energy forms, solar and other planetary radiations, and earth radiations etc.

If two energy systems are identical in every respect [harmony], they will merge with each other. Therefore no action, reaction, or interaction can occur between identical energy systems. Energy means the ability to do work. So energy systems spontaneously become active through Polarization. Positive Pole radiates energy waves. Negative Pole receives energy waves.

Because each interacting energy system is different from each other [disharmony], to the extent of harmony [similarity of energy spectrum and frequency] between the interacting energy systems Polarization [convergence] of energy force field is the outcome. e.g. magnet shares the energy spectrum of iron particles. When iron particles are placed within the energy force field of a magnet, Polarization occurs and the iron particles acquire the property of the magnet i.e. magnetism. The magnet does not loose energy in this energy interaction. If they remain within the energy force field of each other they will keep energizing each other [Polarization] and their magnetism will last in perpetuity, subject to other energy interferences.

But if gold particles are placed within the energy force field of a magnet, because they belong to different energy spectrums [disharmony], their interaction results in Ionization [divergence]. In such energy interactions both energy systems would loose ions and gradually decay. However gold having a very high frequency [inert] would show signs of decay over a very long period of time. Magnet on the other hand would decay relatively faster.

The Great Giza PyrAmid © and other PyrAmids © built across the world were designed and developed to insulate the mummified body etc. from the interactions with surrounding environment and thereby preventing decay.

Every energy interaction will lead to some change, adverse or favorable; and since energy interactions are spontaneous and continuous, change is the only constant in this part of the creation.

PyrAmid © shape behaves like an antenna which attracts, accumulates, and accelerates energy particles from its energy environment. Just like Television and Radio antennas which are made from similar materials attract different signals because of their different and unique geometric shapes, PyrAmids © made from different materials or in different geometric shapes and sizes attract different energy particles from their energy environments, and therefore would have different properties.

PyrAmids © made from the same material, of the same size and shape, erected at different places will acquire different energy force fields, because their energy environment is different, would have different properties.

Most authors / researchers in PyrAmid © Energy Systems have acknowledged this outcome. They have observed that the behavior of the PyrAmid © energy force field is different from time to time at the same place, and from place to place at the same time.

This universal experience of the authors / researchers in PyrAmid © Energy reveals that their PyrAmids © were neither pre-energized, nor polarized and saturated, i.e. their PyrAmids © were NOT unchangeable. Each PyrAmid © was therefore building an energy force field AFTER it was erected and thus the energy force field of the PyrAmid © was built from the energy particles existing / available in the surrounding environment, so the energy force field was affected by the surrounding environment. Therefore such PyrAmids © cannot change the surrounding environment but they will change according to the surrounding environment.

PyroMed© Energy Systems, are pre-energized within the energy force field of over 50,000 PyrAmids © at Agra, India, constituting the mother energy force field.

PyroMed© energy systems are delivered to the users ONLY AFTER they are polarized and saturated to the extent of their potential according to their material, size, shape, and color.

PyroMed© Energy Systems are UN-CHANGEABLE [active but inert] i.e. in any interaction with the surrounding environment or energy system the surrounding environment or energy system will change due to the effect and influence of the PyroMed© Energy Systems but PyroMed© Energy Systems will NOT undergo change. PyroMed© Energy Systems will remain in the equilibrium state [pre-energized, highly polarized, and saturated] throughout their life-time i.e. until they are physically destroyed / damaged / distorted.

PyroMed© is made from Pyro Sound© i.e. materials used in the construction of PyroMed© are pre-energized, highly polarized, and saturated. Therefore PyroMed©corrects [harmonizes] the Geopathic Stress of the land and building and transforms the energy environment throughout the PyroMed© space from stress / disturbance in-to equilibrium state. The environment in equilibrium state within the PyroMed© space improves, intensifies, and increases the quality of our efforts, and its effect and outcome.

PyroMed© stands for: [Pyro = Energy] [Med = Meditation / Medical Treatment] PyroMed© = [Energy Center for Meditation and Medical Treatment]

PyroSound© stands for: [Pyro = Energy] [Sound = Frequency of Vibration] Each molecule of vibrates with the resonance (Sound) of the most inert / un-changeable energy system [Prime Energy] because the materials used have been Pre-Energized, Polarized, and Saturated, i.e. they have acquired the highest Frequency of Vibration.

PyroSound© sections are made from jute / resin designed and developed as perfect wood substitute and is resistant to weather, termites, and fire. PyroMed© can be easily installed / dismantled within a few days, which makes it ideal for buildings for:

Beach Houses, additional Terrace Rooms, Meditation Hall, Garden / Farm Hoses, Health / Leisure Resorts, Theme Hotels, etc.

PyroMed© being removable structure would not attract building laws regulations in most parts of the world.


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pyramid in slap
written by abhijeet , December 22, 2007

respected sir/madum ,
i want to know that which direction is feasible for pyramid in our house slap.

Response from Premal Betai: It will depend upon the existing energy fields present therein. We would analyze and inform you once you submit the form provided in the free consultation section.
written by sunil , January 11, 2008

I have west facing house in Ludhiana Punjab . In ground floor is my factory and office and on First floor is my home . i want to know that which direction is feasable for pyramid in our house slap .
Thanking you
Yours truly

Response from Premal Betai: Firstly, We would require to analyze the existing energy in your premise. Thereafter, we would require to select the most appropriate material, shape, size, color and thereafter its location for rectifying the energy of your factory, office and residence. You may submit the free consultation - vastu form as provided here so we could give you the required information.
written by JAYA , January 29, 2008


Response from Premal Betai: Brief information is already posted on this website. Any specific query could be addressed if you write to us or post your message here.
Southwest direction gate
written by yogesh deshmukh , March 27, 2008

I have serious southwest direction fault in my house, which type of pyramid should be installed in my house and of which material.
Response from Premal Betai: The existing energy situation in your house can be known by us through pendulum dowsing upon your providing us address and names of all occupants as requested for in the Free Consultation section.
hyper tention
written by devabrata dutta , April 02, 2008

i have high BP, please suggest some thing.

Response from Premal Betai: You may fill in the free consultation - health section. All details of suggested home remedies etc. would be suggested therein.
Consultation Charges
written by PERVIN KAVARANA , May 25, 2008

This is to request you to email your Consultation Charges for "Auditing"
a Residence and rendering your valuable advice, apropos.

Response from Premal Betai:- We donot charge any amount for rendering this service. You may provide all details through the Free-Consultation Vastu section.
high bp and joint pains
written by M NARAYAA RAO , August 11, 2008

sir, I would like to use pyramid energy for reducing my high b.p and joint pains which are not allowing me to walk freely.i will be glad if you can suggest me the remidial measures
m.narayana rao

Response from Premal Betai: You may send your health details by filling the free consultation - health section available on this website. Thereafter we would be able to remotely analyze your health condition using the pendulum and advise suitably thereafter.
written by Annemarie Schoone , September 30, 2008

Planning on building a pyramid house and would like more information.

Response from Premal Betai: You could check the link:
If you require any specific information, please feel free to write an email.
placement of a pyramid
written by sanjiv , October 03, 2008

should a pyramid be placed pointing upwards or downwards inside a house

Response from Premal Betai: The pyramids used by Modern Vastu (Energy) Science are placed at home with the apex of the pyramid facing upwards.
written by Ratish Kumar Pratihast , November 17, 2008

Dear sir/madam,

Few days ago i purchased a small pyramid from the internatinol expo from Kenyan shop .
But from the past few days i m facing a lot of trouble wid my family an job also.
I dont understand wat to do next .is it better to simplly thro it out???
Pls sujest me .


Response from Premal Betai: A pyramid purchased from any exhibition or from an unknown source can cause harm by increasing the magnitude of the negative energy already in existance in your home. It is best to submerge such pyramids into the sea.
Negative results
written by David , December 06, 2008

Mr Ratish Kumar Pratihast, never throw the Pyramid and you should not use such words for the highly enegised form of energy. you may be cursed with many ill energies if you do so.
Did you try to read the manual on how and where to keep it?????
Try reading it kid, then you may post out your comment here..............
Pyramid direction
written by Nitin Asar , March 10, 2009

I have a pyramid with different symbols on it and am not sure which direction is each symbol supposed to face. Please help.

Response from Premal Betai: You could ask the person from whom you procured this pyramid about its usage.
Energy of Pyramid
written by Rohit , March 25, 2009

What part of pyramid actually traps the energy? How is this energy transpired out? Basically, what is science behind energy of pyramid?

Response from Premal Betai: This information is available in any book about pyramids that you can purchase from the market. You will get detailed information about this energy from the FAQ section.
written by motty , May 08, 2009

good energy
written by Avinash , July 19, 2009

In which direction does pyramid must be placed?

Response from Premal Betai: This could be answered best by the person from whom you have procured the pyramid. Generally a pyramid gets activated if any one of its corners faces the true north.
written by judy , August 05, 2009

surely it is the angle not the material that produces the best energetic output from the pyramid .i feel energy but dont have scientific instruments to measure the same are u suggesting it is dangerous to build pyramids in some instances because u could cause a negative reaction ??

Response from Premal Betai: The resultant energy ios the product of angle, material, shape, size and colour. You change any one of these, the resultant would change.
pyramid energy
written by emilion , August 08, 2009

dear&respectable sir the py. energy should help us to survive in the 2012 events that shall come!my advise for your work !try to use a small pyramid of 2.1 high &3.3 cm. base!god bless you &your work 7family!god is one for all!

Response from Premal Betai: More the persons using this energy positively for a common purpose, greater are the chances of it to happen. We wish and pray that many more persons keep learning about this energy to help one and all.
Pyramid Material
written by Laxman , September 20, 2009

Sir, I want to prepare pyramid at my home specially for meditation. Pl. give me dimensions and from which material it to be prepared? Plywood is suitable material for the same or not? Pl. reply in mail

Response from Premal Betai: If you would make a pyramid using plywood or any other material, it would be similar to trying to re-invent the wheel, and may take several years until you perfect it. You could use the pyramid mat for meditation as offerred in the E-store. This is like you are sitting within a virtual pyramid and actually receive the benefit of true meditation.
pyramid for meditation
written by govind , December 22, 2009

sir, i want to prepare pyramid for meditation pls give me the proper dimensions,material,color for positive effects.

Response from Premal Betai: You need not reinvent the wheel. You may procure the meditation mat and/or other pyramid energy products offerreeed at the E-store. Making pyramids directly using any material may cause harm.
vastu remedy for toilet in north east
written by jayshree , February 08, 2010

I am an apartment in Mumbai. I got it in ready passation, so i can not do amy modification now. My apartment has common toilet in north east, and attached toilet to my bedroom in northeast. I have lost my job after buying this apartment, and i am still jobless. Please help me with some ECONOMICAL remedies.
written by NEERAJ , February 21, 2010


Response from Premal Betai: Which pyramid are you talking about..?? You need to ask the source from where you received the pyramid about its functionality and usage.
Pyramid direction
written by kamath , February 26, 2010

my house is in first floor facing south , please guide me where to keep pyramid in house which colour and size

Response from Premal Betai: You may fill and send the free consultation - vastu section without any obligation, so we could advise suitably.
i want to built pramid at northeast of north west corner
written by akash pandiya , October 21, 2011

is it effective for my house having south front but main door towards east for house entranse at first flour
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