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Yes - dowsing does result in expansion of awareness of the dowser. Questions like: who am I? Where have I come from? What is the purpose of my life? Am I doing what I need to do for the fulfillment of my life purpose? What is my happiness and harmony index? Which form of meditation is best for me? Can be answered by an experienced dowser using Pre-Energized Pendulum Querying System in the most reliable and convincing manner for the benefit of anyone who is not afraid to know the truth.


Nothing is devoid of spiritual energy. Spirit means and is in different Energy Forms. When one energy system (formless) is admixed with or covered by another not fully compatible energy form/s - e.g. pure (formless) energy, with coverings of mind (thought forms), and matter (physical form) - this energy configuration or system must reach the Solar System where it can assume the form, within which it can keep conscious, or remain kinetic. Mind and body are also energy forms having somewhat lower or different attenuation. So awareness of physical form cannot result without awareness of thought forms and awareness of thought forms cannot result without awareness of the formless pure energy nucleus (often called the soul).

The human knowledge about the 3 dimensional (physical) creation is limited by awareness through his 10 faculties of sense and action. These faculties when directed outward through the 10 organs of sense and action associates with the external Energy Force Field of other Energy Systems to obtain knowledge about the creation. This knowledge is incomplete and distorted by vested self interests, prejudices, and dogmas. This knowledge is further limited by the inherent capacity of the physical organs to interact with one another. E.g. if one is colour blind he cannot see colours. Or if one has damaged his eyesight he cannot see light.

Similarly when one is suffering from any physical or mental ailment or dis-order, then he cannot experience even the ordinary experiences of life. E.g. when one has fever, his sensory currents recede and his taste buds amongst other faculties become weak. This results in the person having fever not finding the usual sweet taste in sweet foods.

When there is toxicity in the System the sensory currents emanating from the energy nucleus (soul) recedes rendering the body and mind to become weak, is a common everyday experience. During sleep this phenomena is evident. When a person has interacted with external inputs of other Energy Systems throughout the day, he feels tired and sleepy. This is because he undergoes energy depletion as a result of such interactions.

When he sleeps, his energy nucleus which is kinetic at the heart center (in human form) recedes inward and upward to throat center, rendering his physical body unconscious. He sees dreams in this state as his mind (subtle body) is still kinetic. When his energy nucleus further recedes inward and upward to the third eye level, even his mind becomes unconscious. Now he is in deep sleep and he has no knowledge or perceptions of either the physical or the subtle body.

When chloroform or similar toxic chemicals are introduced within the Energy System, the result is similar. I.e. the mind and body become unconscious. Any severe mental or physical trauma brings about similar unconsciousness.

By Pendulum Dowsing these physical, mental and spiritual behaviours can be studied and understood very clearly.

A dowser obtains the same benefit during dowsing as he obtains during meditation. The process or energy movements in both dowsing and meditation are similar in nature and effect. The objective of meditation is to subdue the mind and surrender his ego and free will to The God and the Supreme Will. This results in a gradual shift in the location of the energy nucleus to higher regions of energy leading ultimately to its merger into the Supreme Being.

While dowsing - the dowser surrenders his own will to the Supreme Being - through the Pendulum. Instead of choosing his options by using only his mind and intellect, based on incomplete information, and the force of his own desires, he chooses his best option by retrieving complete information, and decides on the basis of what is in his best interest, rather than what is his strongest desire.

Thus regular Pendulum Dowsing gradually changes the patterns of behaviour of the dowser and helps in progressing inwardly towards the Supreme Being.

Pendulum Dowsing leads to spontaneous harmony and happiness in the life of the dowser as also his network of associations or connections. Dowser can spontaneously and effortlessly follow the path of virtue and stay away from sins. Dowser is always aware of the true nature of reality and does not get fooled by the apparent reality, which is seldom true. If the apparent reality was mostly true, we would not witness or experience cheating, fraud, unhappiness and pain, so frequently in our lives.

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