History of Pyramids

History of PyrAmids ©

Friday, 13 July 2007

The Great PyrAmid © is said to have been built about 6000 years ago. It is estimated that 2.6 million stones were used in its construction - each weighing between 2 to 70 tons. Dr. Bovis and hundreds of other Scientists wondered about the purpose behind erection of such a huge structure in PyrAmid © shape - in which so far a few tunnels and two small chambers known as The King's Chamber and The Queen's Chamber have been discovered. What puzzled them even more was the question - How did the Egyptians manage to erect The Great PyrAmid © shape at a height going up to 450 feet?

Dr. Bovis observed a dead cat inside The Great PyrAmid ©, which was not mummified, and whose dead body cells were not decaying or decomposing for several weeks. Since then over 18,000 patients have benefited by using over 99,000 PyrAmid © Energy Systems Pre-Energized by placing these instruments within the Mother Energy Field of over 30,000 PyrAmids ©. The Mother Energy Field, initially of 10,000 PyrAmids ©, has grown over the period of 7 years, as the need for the quality and quantity of different energy particles changed from time to time, as new patients came in, for treatment of different ailments, dis-eases, and dis-orders - ranging from Common Cold to Cancer, and Migraine to Muscular Dystrophy. Spontaneous Holistic Healing without any drugs at its best.

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